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Yolanda Ochoa

Licensed Sales Broker
Medicare Advantage Plans, Supplement Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, guidance in applying for Original Medicare. aCA PLANS . life insurance. final expense


I am a personal and dedicated navigator to help you find the right HEALTH insurance plan for your needs. I understand the importance of choosing the right plan and I am able to make the process happen and make it as stress FREE as possible.

I have a passion for serving the community and enjoy outdoor events as much as possible. I have lived in Colorado since 2003. I am married and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren and 1 dog. I love to travel to Mexico as much as possible.

Visiting Mexico- I discover my new Favorite. My next adventure to Mexico involves the Cenotes in the southern part of Mexico.

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Licensed in AZ, CO, TX

License # 749440

As an Insurance Professional

I can help you find the right health insurance plan. You have options from the following carriers

United Healthcare - Humana Aetna Clear Spring

Denver Health Select Health

Devoted Kaiser

I can also help you apply to Social Security, apply for Extra help (LIS) to pay for prescriptions, and Medicare Savings Plan (MSP) which can qualify you for a DUAL plan which offers even more benefits like the food benefits card.

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Yolanda 303-505-0621

I want to help

As an insurance professional, I have experience in the insurance world. I stay up-to-date on the latest health insurance options and information, so you can trust me to provide you with accurate and reliable information.

I can help you find a plan to fit your needs in like a

ACA plan also know as ObamaCare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Plan, also offer guidance in applying for Original Medicare thru

Medicare plan reviews are FREE of charge with NO obligation to enroll

Serving all individuals-

people who are under 65 with a disability, those who are turning 65, or already over 65. specialize in helping those who are new to Medicare and need guidance in selecting a plan that fits their needs.

I would love to talk to you!

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